St Charles REALTORS® YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas:

(a) Attend REALTOR® conferences and pursue leadership roles within the local, state and national associations.
(b) Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues and be informed about the latest industry news and trends.
(c) Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication and seeking out mentoring opportunities.
(d) Become exceptional members of their community by setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.

YPN Membership is open to St. Charles REALTOR and Affiliate members, who are under the age of 45 at the date of application. Dues are payable on June 1st of each calendar year and/or upon application of membership with no prorations.

REALTOR members: $25 annually.

Affiliate Members:  $50 annually and limited to 30 memberships.

Click here to apply.

Alumni Members: Any member automatically falls into Alumni status once they turn 46 years old. Alumni members must have been a member of the St. Charles REALTORS® YPN, maintain membership dues on a consecutive annual basis and currently be a Member of St. Charles REALTORS®.