What if I didn’t get a renewal notice?

Please call the MREC at 573-751-2628 or visit their website at http://pr.mo.gov/

I am in referral. Do I still have to take Continued Education?

Yes, The Missouri Real Estate Commission considers a license in referral an active license. If you have an active license, then you must take your required 12 hours every two-year renewal cycle.

What if I don’t remember what classes I have or haven’t taken?

You may access the history of classes you’ve taken through the MREC website at www.pr.mo.gov

What if I can’t find my certificate?

If you took your class at St. Charles REALTORS® , we can provide you with a duplicate certificate. The cost is $25.00 per certificate.

How do I know if it is a core class?

Your certificate should state if the class is a C/Core or E/Elective.

Do I have to send my certificates with the renewal?

Yes, you must have a total of 12 hours in certificates. Three of those hours must be a core class.

Will I have some sort of form to renew my license?

Yes, the Missouri Real Estate Commission will mail you a renewal form a month or two before your renewal date. If you do not receive one, you must still renew; please contact the MREC at 573-751-2628.

When does my license expire?

If you are holding a Missouri Broker’s license, it will expire on June 30, 2024. If you are holding a Missouri salesperson license, it will expire on September 30, 2024.

How many hours do I need for renewal?

Total of 12 hours of Continued Education is needed for license renewal. You must have at least three hours of core education and the remaining nine hours can be elective or a mix of elective and core.

I didn’t cancel my class and I was charged $30 for my replacement class and I thought it was free?

We charge a $30 cancellation fee for members (non-members $40), if class not cancelled before the class start. Please email membership@stcharlesrealtors.com if you need to cancel.

How much does CE cost if I didn’t pay my dues during the early bird special?

You can purchase a 12-hour continuing education ticket for $99 for members and $139 for non-members. CE tickets are available for purchase. Individual courses, without a CE ticket, will be $30 for each 3-hour class to members and $40 for each 3-hour class for non-members.

Why do some people get their CE free?

We offer free CE until June 30th if you pay your membership dues online to St. Charles REALTORS® by the early bird deadline in December (exact date varies year to year).

How many hours of CE are required for brokers for renewal and can you take the classes the year before?

Twelve hours of continuing education are required to renew your license for both a broker and an agent. At least three of those twelve hours must be core credits; the remaining nine hours can be electives.  You must renew your license every two years on the even years; therefore, you have two years to complete the required education.

Do new licensees that have received their license this year have to take CE classes?

It is best to contact the MREC, 573-751-2628, to determine what is required.

How can I obtain a copy of a certificate stating that I completed a course taken at the Association?