Supra Key Service

The St. Charles REALTORS® participate in the St. Louis Area Regional Electronic Keybox System which is a cooperative service of St. Louis REALTORS®, St. Charles REALTORS®, Southern Gateway Association of REALTORS®, Franklin County Board of REALTORS®, East Central Board of REALTORS®, Mineral Area Board of REALTORS®, and South Central Board of REALTORS®.

Electronic Keys

With the Supra eKEY® app, get efficient access, needed information, and security for your homeowner.

Members load the eKEY® app on their smartphone to open key boxes and transmit information to the SupraWEB data system. Only authorized keyholders can open a key box. Each time a key box is opened, information from the keyholder’s key is documented in the key box and in the SupraWEB database. Information on compatible devices, troubleshooting, and the SupraWEB login is available from Supra.

Two service levels are available:

  1. eKEY Basic which provides common key box functions.
  2. eKEY Professional is a step up providing the basic capability with additional business tools such as MLS data stored on your phone (which eliminates over-the-air searches), linking listings to maps, and creating live showing notes.

 Supra eKEY Fees

  • $50.00 activation/issuance fee
  • Mobile app fee (Supra monthly automatic credit card debit)
    • eKEY Basic                     $17.50
    • eKEY Professional         Request pricing
  • $125 Background Check Fee (Unlicensed Affiliate applicants only) 

Electronic Key Boxes

The Supra iBox BTLE communicates directly with most phones or tablets via infrared (IR), Bluetooth® (BT), and Low-Energy Bluetooth (BT LE) technologies. Please note that iPhone and iPad devices released before the iPhone 4S require a small adapter to communicate with iBox BTLE key boxes.

The key boxes are powered by a long-life lithium battery that rarely needs replacing. On the rare occasion that a key box’s battery fails, the Association will send the broken box back to Supra for a replacement box. Keys will not be returned.

The Association sells Supra iBox BTLE key boxes to members:

  • New – $145.
  • Used/pre-owned – $75 (when available)

The Association purchases pre-owned electronic key boxes in “like new” condition for $25.

When a member purchases a used key box from another member, the member selling the box must notify the Association in order to transfer the box to the new owner. 

Key Box Failure While Attached to Property

In the event that a key box’s battery fails or the key container becomes jammed while attached to the property, please see the locksmith policy.


SupraWEB is the website that keyholders use to help manage their listings and showing information. Agents can create reports, send updates to agents who showed a listing, or provide showing feedback.

Keyholders can manage their payments and profile from the website as well. 

Supra Complaints

Complaints can be filed on a member of the St. Charles REALTORS using this Supra Complaint Form; please review the the Supra Rules & Regulations

Supra Training/Support Resources

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