September President Message

Tia Wisdom

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, but safety should be a priority all year long. As REALTORS®, we often find ourselves alone, with strangers, in unfamiliar settings. It’s the nature of our business, and whether we’re brand new or well-seasoned agents, we can take measures to stay as safe as possible.

First, check with your Broker to see what safety procedures they have in place. From completing forms and questionnaires to capturing IDs or license plates and working with a buddy system, many brokerages have safety procedures or protocols set up to help keep their agents safe. Take the time to make sure you understand the office procedures and share the information throughout the office. If your brokerage does not already have safety plans in place, work with your Broker to establish and share them to help keep yourself and your fellow agents safe. Make sure that any procedures implemented are incorporated into your business plan and used with every client, every time.

Preparation leads to safety. Always be present, be alert and be aware of your surroundings. Research properties before showing, not just for information to share with clients, but also for an understanding of the layout of the home and any potential safety concerns. If you’re picking up bad vibes or have uneasy feelings, bring a buddy, or cancel the appointment. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared, not scared!

Use your resources! There are a variety of safety apps and tools that can be incorporated into your business:

  • Cellphone trackers - Find My Device apps for iPhone or Android use GPS to track your location.
  • Safety apps - Forewarn, Real Safe Agent, Safe Showings, and more help you screen clients, check in, notify emergency contacts, and more.
  • Personal protection devices – Pepper spray, tasers, personal safety alarms, etc. with proper training can help you defend yourself and draw attention to a dangerous situation.

Finally, if you see something off, find yourself in an unsafe situation, or have a dangerous encounter while out in the field, get yourself to safety and then share your story. Call the police. Call your Broker. Share the details with the Association. Your experience may help keep your fellow agents safe.





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