President's Message: Change is the one constant in life!

Gwen Walters

We’ve all heard it said in one way or another… the one constant in life is change. The past few years have brought many changes in our communities, our Association, and our industry. This year, in particular, has been rife with challenges, and change feels imminent on many fronts. It may be easy to allow ourselves to get mired down in the uncertainty and the questions, wondering what changes will shape our future, but it’s important to find productive ways to navigate the unknown.


Focus on What’s Most Important

Whether you find yourself in the role of Agent, Broker, Association Staff or Leadership, we need to continue to focus on what’s most important – service to our clients, agents, and members. Clients still need to buy and sell, Agents still need to represent clients, and Members still need to realize the benefits offered by the Association. There will be questions and, within each of these roles, we have an obligation to help lead through the unknown. We must reassure those we serve that through whatever challenges we face, we hold their best interests at the forefront.


Be Proactive

Don’t wait to react, be someone who proactively looks for opportunities. Stay current on industry news, explore diverse views, and engage in meaningful conversations to discover new approaches and generate potential solutions for the future. Learn as much as you can and ask questions. Take advantage of opportunities to develop new skills.


Mindset is Key

Keep an open mind. Be flexible and adapt. Be ready and willing to move forward and make adjustments as needed to ensure that you are prepared for what’s next. Embrace the unknown.


Uncertainty and change can be difficult, but they are also constant. We must continue to find ways to navigate the waters of change so we can move forward together, united in our service to our clients, our communities, and our industry.

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