Making Supra Payments is Now Easier


Supra is introducing a modern automated billing and payment system, putting more self-service and control at the fingertips of keyholders. These self-serve tools are designed to eliminate the need to interact with an organization administrator or Supra support. Please review the following tips and facts about the new system.

Step 1: Confirm your eKEY® app:

Make sure you have the latest eKEY® app on your device as Supra is continually updating the app to improve performance and provide new features. Click here for more guidance.

Step 2: Access self-serve convenience:

Access the payment management feature in the eKEY app. Open the eKEY app and tap the More icon on the lower right corner, and select Payment Management. As an option, payment management can also be done through SupraWEB.

Supra keyholders can use this convenient tool to:

  • Pay a key fee
  • Check a balance
  • Set up and update card information on file
  • Reactivate a key if unpaid


As part of the new system, automated and timely notifications will help you keep your key service active. You’ll get:

  • Notifications of unsuccessful credit card payment followed by key service deactivation at 5 days after the debit date.
  • An additional reminder notification, with standard late fee applied 25 days after the debit date.



  • As Supra announced previously, reactivation requires the keyholder to pay a late fee of $25.00 when payment is past due by 25 days or more. This can be done through the eKEY app or SupraWEB.
  • Late fees cannot be waived.
  • Supra no longer offers the ability to make a payment through the Supra phone system.

 The new system is integrated with a major card vendor, providing efficient and accurate processing of payment information. For some users, the credit card expiration date will automatically update in the billing system via bank system process. We expect this to reduce payment failures from expired cards, and thus reduce any lapse of key service.

 Please take a few minutes to review the following resources for using the eKEY payment management feature:

Video (YouTube) | Quick Guide (PDF) | eKEY Account Reinstatement (PDF)

Stay tuned as we share more exciting tools from Supra.


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