BEWARE – Buyer Scam!

We have been informed by one of our Designated REALTOR members about the following scam that is currently happening in our area and has affected several other members.

A man, “John W. Williams”, is entering into contracts and saying he wants to close in 1-2 weeks with a cash closing.  He then does not turn in the earnest money (has multiple excuses).  He will even go as far as signing the title company documents but does not wire the money and takes photos of himself outside of the title companies (asking if they have a drop box for his earnest money check).

He was a vice principal at Hazelwood School District and interim vice principal at Washington Middle School in Seattle, Washington. (The member verified this with a copy of his driver’s license and his photo from the website matches).

He has gone as far as to have a builder buy appliances for a home while under contract.  He also asked for early possession, which is what they think his end game is.

This has happened to four different agents (same guy).  Please watch out for this scammer!  The member provided the below photo that she got from the Hazelwood School District.

Be safe and careful!

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